Name:Ewan Tsuyoshi

Nickname:Ewan, Ridz, Papa Blush, Dodo

Gender:Controversial,in for anything!!

Age:21++ youthful years

Birthdate:17th September 1983, year of the Pig

Status: Illegally Engaged! Oops?!

Physical Stats: Ht: 1.68m Wt: 58kg Body: 35-29-35

Location:Restless Singapore & Land of Imaginations!

HIghest Qualifications in Grade School:'O' Levels with 3 Distinctions and 4 Merits

School:Northland Primary School 1990-1995, Anglo Chinese School Independent 1996-1999, Nanyang Polytechnic School of Design 2000-early 2001 (dropout!), Pioneer Junior College 2001-early 2002 (dropout!)

Emails:e1_dance@yahoo.com (for work-business-school related),
zyzw2123@hotmail.com (for junkmails,downloads,issues,fanmails?!)
Mobile: +65 98807285

AIM: Beauftiful, Successful and Happy!


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* Wednesday, July 05, 2006 * 10:09 AM *

This is the 3rd Week of a very busy day in my life. Now that is me, de-briefing the Finalists for my RE:MIX'06. It's been such a perfect season of my life and with all the buzz on the competitions ups and downs of it all, man I feel satisfied.

Look at that face, tired yet still going on. With all the faith and belief that this time round RE:MIX will definitely make an impact somewhere somehow, I really wonder why I'm so crazy about dance. But well who cares what others will say but dancing is truly my first love. And for the Street Dance Scene right here right now, I'm gonna make it happen and it will be blast!!

I am so excited, anxious and i'm having a migraine. Alright, all will go well Ewan, Calm Down Boy!

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

* Thursday, May 05, 2005 * 12:15 AM *

damn! real shit eh...

what happens when one finishes serving for the country and bound to end his national services? It could be real darn shit i tell you!

What's with these militia-obsessed superiors whom i guess have nothing to do in their lives in the first place that they have to torture the hell out of me especially when in like say, 1 week, i'll be gone from the army man! Well somebody has to tell them or teach them that there's other forms of outlets for them to release their deepest frustrations stuck in between those hollow spaces of the inner recesses of their brain!

I am pissed!
Yes i am!!!

I cannot believe this man, being nice to others really helps no one.. Instead i'm more of at the losing end! Therefore i have decided that the next time i decide to be nice to anyone again, i'll think not twice but a gazillion times eh! Freak this world eh...
Talk about being too nice..oh yes i've been but well, i'm sorry guys, the world isn't such a fair place..

i'll only be nice to...
my family and my baby.

alright gotta run..

undercover work out!

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

* Sunday, April 24, 2005 * 7:56 AM *

Welcoming "the dance society"!

The street dance scene in Singapore is a flourishing field of untapped talents who needs a proper platform to showcase all their budding talents. Be it Jazz, HipHop, MTV, BreakDancing or Ballet, we need a society to observe this growing scene and organize events and activities to cater to the needs of all dancers, young or old.
Check out thedancesociety.blogspot.com for more infomation and details. Look out for the RE:MIX Dance competition in July 2K5 at the YOUTHPARK!

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

* Tuesday, March 08, 2005 * 9:41 AM *

I am to a certain disillusioned for a moment. My wife had just spoken of something that may plague me for days in deep thought. I am indeed upset but there's no other way i could fine solace than in writing.

This blog hasn't been updated for long and it's been awhile since I had something in mind to type about.

For my wife had finished showering, I have met someone whom i deemed almost ideal in any sense........why do i have be so bothered..
gotta go!!!!

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

* Friday, December 17, 2004 * 7:24 PM *

One week of Pure Fun

  1. I met a lovely and sweet person in early December and it's been great fun eversince. A lot of potential and loads of chemistry. My My, love slams at you when you least expect it but indeed, comforting.
  2. HIPHOP FESTIVAL 2004, B.A'D put up a great show. Clad in Jamaican colours, RED YELLOW & GREEN, we did a pretty good one with almost the whole team performing. The choreography wasn't really competition material but matches the occasion really well. Party mode with loads of shakey of thy booty. hai!
  3. Next UPCOMING HIGHLIGHTS< Christmas at Kate's...24th December 2005 at KimSia Court, Jln Jintan.Party limited to B.A'D plus one Only! All invited guests are to bring again, ONLY one gift for exchange.
  4. B.A'D Beach Retreat, Sunday 19th December 2004. tentative locations, Sentosa or East Coast. Event reference: Fariz Spears. Tan or Burn, whichever you prefer. Rain or Shine Event.
  5. B.A'D NameCard in the Making!! Excited...thanx to LamNasril of Verticos!!
  6. I got a job interview!! yeah!! with MasterReign.com..for a dance instructor post!!! woohoo!!!
  7. er..anything else..?? I love my IPOD??....boring...

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

* Sunday, December 05, 2004 * 11:47 PM *

Matters to settle before Year Ends...
sigh sigh sigh
  1. Finish with my T-shirt Design, label: Alpha Clothings, first range of T-shirt called "ALPHAFUNQ". Working closely with Design genius, Mr. Lam Nasril from La'Salle SIA a.k.a RP campmate! Due date: January 2005
  2. Choreography for Soul D'crepes for HIPHOP Festival 2004. Reference: Hakim. Currently done with introduction of "I've got that BoomBoom" by Britney Spears.
  3. Save Money and live cheap and chic!
  4. Consider teaching tuition plans for Kak Jaja. To call before mid-Dec and get feedback.
  5. Replanning for B.A'D 2005. New theme, image for B.A'D. To hold a proper meeting and get feedback and co-operation for the team's new year aims. To contact Kak Idah for any relevant unsettled business.
  6. Driving Lessons, damn! I need to learn how to drive! at SSDC!!
  7. Pay off all upaid bills and get back that fucking phone!!! Hahaha
  8. Watch More Will & Grace and entertain yourself.
  9. Planned for Christmas Party at Kate, my sister's place, at Orchard Road behind Lucky Plaza. Making it a big bash for sis! Bwahahaha...imaginations eh!!
  10. Stay positive and have fun. Live life to the fullest and don't get bothered by unnecessary matters. smile smile smile
  11. Take care of Neil's place
  12. Read more and read more!

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

* Sunday, November 21, 2004 * 3:29 AM *

Hari Raya this year had been pretty fun actually. A week had passed and I must say I have enjoyed all of it! Well well here's the climax...my camp buddies and me had to put up a show for a festive season show to commemorate Hari Raya and Deepavali and guess what? They got me to go as a girl. Kwang kwang kwang....sigh...I was contemplating for quite awhile, thinking it would be pretty embarassing and questions on my sexuality will loomed in the air. What the hell I thought, Life is full of risks and going in drag would be fun, i thought. So there I was, in full gear baju kurung, the female me sashayed in front of about 2 hundred army personnel donning my sister's bright blue previous years ensemble. Hahaha...it was so much fun! and some thought I was a real girl...man, they were attracted! Here's a glimpse of me on the right in blue...

Presenting Ewan in drag...a.k.a Rina...Ouch!

EWAN TSUYOSHI reminds you,"A smile can do wonders."

These are my confessions...